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Postcode Information - HS2 0QG

HS2 0QG – information about the HS2 0QG postcode is completely free. No records are left of your search, so you can research the HS2 0QG  postcode entirely confidentially.

The postcode HS2 0QG  is classified into one of 54 standard geodemographic types – we explain what each type means and how each postcode type is described.

General Overview of HS2 0QG

We bring together information from several different sources including census data about HS2 0QG  so you can gain an impression of how the area is described, including what type of people live in the area, and how affluent they are. The data can often be one of the components of the calculation of some credit scores, can affect your insurance ratings and, of course, can dictate the levels of junk mail you receive.

Classification Mature households in scottish industrial suburbs and rural communities
Relative to Population This postcode is typical of 1.41% of the UK population.
Housing Type Properties are mainly mixed housing and are owned outright, mortgaged or council houses. The typical property price is average. The properties are smaller than average in size and are located in suburbs or rural areas. People will typically have lived here between 4 and 11 or more years.
Residents In this area the most common social group is ABC1C2. The children living in this area are typically aged between 5 and 15 years and the adults between 45 and 84 years. Households consist of mature and retired singles, couples and families. The population density at this postcode is approximately 14% higher than the national average. The people living here are in general qualified to an average level and the typical employment type is classified as professional, white and blue collar or long term unemployed. Unemployment stands at 86% of the national average, and the industry sector is defined as consisting of primary industry, for example agriculture, fishing, mining and forestry, manufacturing, for example brewing, steel, petrol and car manufacture, the service industry, for example tourism, retail, transport/distribution and catering and intellectual services, for example IT, scientific research, education and consulting. The number of directors is 65% of the national average. As defined by the Census, the ethnic break-down of this postcode is typically white.
Social Classification

We are all described as being within a "social class" or " socio-economic grouping". These tend to rely on the occupation  of the main earner within a household and are no more than rough groupings, used principally by advertisers to segregate their target audience. There is no reliable single definition of the groups, nor of what is included in them, so please treat this with a pinch of salt.

The social classification of the residents of HS2 0QG is ABC1C2 and is shaded blue below. Please note that if your area contains more than one group, the shading can cover several classifications:



What the letters mean...

Professionals such as doctors, lawyers and dentists, chartered architects and engineers. Individuals with a large degree of responsibility such as senior executives and senior managers, higher grade civil servants and higher ranks of the armed services.
University lecturers, heads of local government departments, executive officers of the civil service, middle managers, qualified scientists, bank managers, police inspectors and senior ranks of the armed services.
Nurses, technicians, pharmacists, salesmen, publicans, clerical workers , clerical officers within the civil service, police sergeants and constables and senior non commissioned officers within the armed services.
Skilled manual workers  who have served apprenticeships; foremen, manual workers with special qualifications such as long distance lorry drivers, security officers and other non commissioned officers within the armed services.
Semi-skilled and unskilled manual workers, including labourers and people serving apprenticeships; clerical assistants in the civil service, machine minders, farm labourers,  laboratory assistants, postmen and all other members of the armed services.
Pensioners, casual workers, long term unemployed people, and others with relatively low or fixed levels of income.
Financial The level of investors in this area is 8% higher than the national average and the financial risk associated with this postcode is classified as being roughly 36% of the national average.
Other Information Most people read either a local paper, a paper such as the Sun, the Mirror, the Daily Star, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Guardian or The Times and the level of internet usage is average. Response to mail order companies is below average. There is a below average level of car ownership and when travelling to work people tend to use public and private transport or walk.

Financial Characteristics in HS2 0QG

Public databases such as the Register of Court Judgments and Insolvency Records are combined with census data and 'lifestyle' information collected from questionnaires to evaluate the average financial risk in a postcode.

Financial Risk Based on Cameo financial risk, in HS2 0QG the ratio of good credit accounts and bad credit accounts across the area is as follows.  A good credit account is one with payments made on time. A bad credit account is, or has been, in arrears.

One bad account in every 22 accounts



Credit Score In HS2 0QG the average Credit Score for all households as calculated by checkmyfile.com and based on the Cameo financial risk is 911









Typical Credit Card Based on the average credit score in this postcode, we've matched the following Credit Card as being most likely to say yes.
Post Office Credit Card - 16.9% APR Representative Variable

No Annual Fee

Introductory Offer of 3m at 0%

Balance Transfer Offer of 14m at 0% (2.98% fee)

No Cashback or Rewards Offered

Recommended by 60% of customers surveyed

Representative Example

Representative APR 16.9% APR (variable)
Purchase rate p.a. 16.9% p.a.
Assumed credit limit £1,200

Typical Personal Loan Based on the average credit score in this postcode, we've matched the following Personal Loan as being most likely to say yes.
NatWest Personal Loan - 6.4% APR Representative

No Application or Arrangement Fee

Loans from £1,000 to £25,000

Terms from 12 mths to 84 mths


Worth Knowing

You must be an existing NatWest current account customer to apply, and be a UK resident with at least a good credit rating, and be over 18. If you satisfy these conditions, NatWest is a flexible lender offering its cheapest rate of 6.4% for loans of between £7,500 and £14950. Home improvement loans are available over an extended 10 year repayment term.

Representative Example

Representative 6.4% APR for online loans of £7,500 to £14,950. Other loan amounts available at alternative rates

Affluence Rating of HS2 0QG

Credit scoring measures the probability of a person being able to keep payments up to date on a credit facility.  In contrast, the Affluence Rating is a measure of how much money someone has, which is an entirely different thing. It is possible to have a great credit score but a poor Affluence Rating, and vice versa, although the two are far more likely to run hand in hand with each other.

Residents in HS2 0QG have an affluence rating which is in line with the average for the UK as a whole.
Newspaper Readership
Newspaper readership is linked with overall income and wealth. This is controversial because newspapers are not the only source of news and some papers attract a wide range of readers, but the correlation is nevertheless a strong one.
Number of Investors
The term 'investors' in this category relates to ownership of stock exchange quoted shares. The number of investors in an area reflects a higher than average level of disposable income and a better than average ability to save money.
Financial Risk
'Financial risk' is taken principally from the number of court judgments or decrees in any postcode. This is used as a negative measure of affluence as not all assets may be available to the apparent owner.
Car Ownership
One of the least reliable indicators of affluence, because cars may be leased rather than owned. If leased - for example a 'company car', car ownership can still give a measure of underlying income.
Property Ownership
Property ownership is one of the most popular ways of storing wealth and is usually the largest asset available to any individual. This measure is a strong indicator of affluence.

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